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 Though it makes life more complicated, it helps humans be equipped in facing challenges. Like what we saw on the most celebrated and successful movie Star Wars, we are amazed on their setting, planes and weapons. We sometimes fantasize that we own them too. Nowadays, due to technology advances, this dream comes into reality. Example of that are stun guns.

It is used to disrupt voluntary control of muscles by producing a high voltage, low amperage electrical charge, thus it is called an incapacitant weapon. Sensory and motor nerves will be stimulated by its output resulting to strong involuntary muscle contractions. The target will feel extreme pain and will be momentarily paralyzed and if it is applied to sensitive body parts will lead to more intense body reaction. The most effective target areas are the upper shoulder, below the rib cage, and upper hip. A recipient reaction to the output of a stun gun depends on a lot of reasons like the target’s resistance, skin type, body salinity, moisture, clothing, battery conditions, internal circuit, and discharge waveform. There are people who can withstand to a high amount of voltage current that even modern science cannot explain.

In United States, police officers and private citizen are legally allowed to use stun guns. Police officers are equipped with it rather than lethal guns.

Private citizens are allowed to use it for self-protection only. Companies that produce stun guns have included warning notes regarding its use on their packages. A half-second shock duration cause intense pain and muscle contraction. In 2-3 second shock duration, the target will be astounded and slump to the ground. More than three second duration will completely make the target go to the lost world in quite a few seconds. Police departments have warned their men not to avoid applying prolonged duration and continuous exposure to the assailants as this will lead to cumulative exhaustion and breathing impairment. Manufacturer have addressed this problem and made a revision to their newer models. The maximum duration of current is only five seconds per activation. United States has allowed its citizens to use stun guns but some countries or continents have restrictions on it. The importation and use of stun guns in most countries in Asia and Europe are regulated and controlled. Their laws only allow police officers to carry and use it.

Stun guns come in different forms and style. It has a form like a cellular phone, a knuckle blaster, a long rod, etc. Its voltage output and accessories affect its pricing. Manufacturers have varied price ranging from $20 up to $100. Taser company is one of the leading producers of stun guns. Some of its styles are hidden or hard to notice to make it more efficient. Goons nowadays are oriented of these devices and are also ready to defend themselves from it.

Owners of stun guns should be responsible enough in handling this device. It can give you protection but could also be a destruction once mishandled.




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