Edison ban lista

Ban lista – Ožujak 2010. (TCG)

Zabranjene karte

Karte koje su zabranjene ne smiju se koristiti u Main Decku, Extra Decku ni u Side Decku.

Iduće karte su zabranjene:

Edison ban lista - Zabranjene karte
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the BeginningButterfly Dagger – ElmaCrush Card Virus
Chaos Emperor Dragon – Envoy of the EndCard of Safe ReturnExchange of the Spirit
Cyber JarChange of HeartImperial Order
Cyber-SteinConfiscationLast Turn
Dark Magician of ChaosDark HoleRing of Destruction
Dark Strike FighterDelinquent DuoTime Seal
Destiny HERO – Disk CommanderDimension Fusion
Fiber JarGraceful Charity
Magical ScientistHarpie’s Feather Duster
Magician of FaithLast Will
Makyura the DestructorMonster Reborn
Sinister SerpentMetamorphosis
Thousand-Eyes RestrictMirage of Nightmare
Tribe-Infecting VirusPainful Choice
TsukuyomiPot of Greed
Victory DragonPremature Burial
Witch of the Black ForestRaigeki
Yata-GarasuSnatch Steal
The Forceful Sentry
Edison ban lista – Zabranjene karte

Limitirane karte

Dopušteno je koristiti samo jednu limitiranu kartu u Main Decku, Extra Decku i Side Decku zajedno.

Iduće karte su limitirane:

Edison ban lista - Limitirane karte
Black Rose DragonAdvanced Ritual ArtCall of the Haunted
Blackwing – Gale the WhirlwindAllure of DarknessCeasefire
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice BarrierBrain ControlGravity Bind
Card TrooperBurial from a Different DimensionMagic Cylinder
Chaos SorcererCard DestructionMagical Explosion
Dark Armed DragonCharge of the Light BrigadeMind Crush
Elemental HERO StratosCold WaveMirror Force
Exodia the Forbidden OneDestiny DrawOjama Trio
Gladiator Beast BestiariEmergency TeleportReturn from the Different Dimension
Gorz the Emissary of DarknessFoolish BurialSolemn Judgment
Goyo GuardianFuture FusionThe Transmigration Prophecy
Left Arm of the Forbidden OneGiant TrunadeTorrential Tribute
Left Leg of the Forbidden OneHeavy StormTrap Dustshoot
Lumina, Lightsworn SummonerLevel Limit – Area BWall of Revealing Light
MarshmallonLimiter Removal
Mind MasterMind Control
Morphing JarMonster Gate
NecrofaceMystical Space Typhoon
Necro GardnaOne for One
Neo-Spacian Grand MoleOverload Fusion
Night AssailantReasoning
Plaguespreader ZombieReinforcement of the Army
Rescue CatScapegoat
Right Arm of the Forbidden OneSwords of Revealing Light
Right Leg of the Forbidden One
Snipe Hunter
Spirit Reaper
Summoner Monk
Edison ban lista – Limitirane karte

Polu-limitirane karte

Dopušteno je koristiti samo dvije polu-limitirane kartu u Main Decku, Extra Decku i Side Decku zajedno.

Iduće karte su polu-limitirane:

Edison ban lista - Polu-limitirane karte
Cyber DragonBlack WhirlwindBottomless Trap Hole
DandylionChain StrikeRoyal Decree
Demise, King of ArmageddonGold SarcophagusRoyal Oppression
Destiny HERO – MaliciousMagical Stone ExcavationSkill Drain
Goblin ZombieUnited We StandUltimate Offering
Judgment Dragon
Lonefire Blossom
Treeborn Frog
Edison ban lista – Polu-limitirane karte